Our Services

Long-Term Service

BCCS has its roots in the local community and has developed out of the needs of that community in response to its mental health requirements. The long-term service is BCCS’s flagship service and provides low-cost counselling every week for up a year.

Couples Counselling Service

Our trained couples counsellors provide a confidential intervention for partners that are in distress and who wish to identify and address the problems they are facing, talk about difficult things together, perhaps to learn to understand their partner better, and explore their relationship constructively and creatively. The first appointment is a mutual assessment, where the couple and the counsellor begin to explore the reasons for seeking help and decide whether they can all work together. The date and time of appointments and focus of the therapy is decided at that first session.

Mediation Service

For couples who are in dispute over specific issues, Mediation can help sort out the problems, clear up misunderstandings that have led to the dispute, and help couples find a practical way forward, avoiding the need to resort to legal action or a court decision. Our trained mediator is a practising counselling psychologist.

Debt Advice Service

Separate from the counselling service that we offer, the Debt Advice Service runs alongside it, recognising that financial difficulties can lead to depression and often despair. BCCS offers confidential help and free debt advice to anyone over the age of 18 resident in the London Borough of Bromley and surrounding areas. The Debt Advice Service is a member of AdviceUK, and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our licenced debt advisor is not a counsellor, but has many years’ experience specialising in financial advice and sorting out complex debt problems. The service helps members of the public who are suffering economic hardship to decide on the best course of action and offers assistance with negotiating payments and coming to arrangement with all creditors.

Life Coaching Service

Our new Life Coaching service is aimed at people who wish to focus on achieving success or overcoming challenges in everyday personal and professional life while functioning successfully and well in the real world.  It is a short-term collaborative intervention for people who may have reached a crossroads in their life  that consists of identifying and setting new personal or professional goals, or identifying what may be blocking them from achieving the life they want.