Money Matters

BCCS is a non-profit-making registered charity, and the costs involved in individual counselling need to be met entirely by the financial contributions of those using this service. We therefore ask all clients to pay the maximum they can afford for their counselling sessions above the basic rate of £20 per session.

Initial Meeting

Your first visit to BCCS is a form of mutual assessment, and this costs £25. It is payable in advance of the appointment and cannot be refunded if you choose not to attend, or deducted from any subsequent payment.

How much will it cost me?

The minimum cost of any counselling session provided at BCCS is £20 (although concessionary rates are available to people who are in receipt of benefits) and the precise amount you will pay each week is negotiated and agreed with you before counselling begins. A rough guide is £1 per £1,000 of income, which most people seem to find manageable, but is also related to an ability to contribute the same amount every week perhaps for many weeks. Evening and weekend appointments are our premium slots and are charged at a minimum of £28+ per session. The range of fees will be from £20-£50.

How to pay

You can pay each week either by card, or cheque, or in cash. As we are a not-for-profit charity we rely on your contribution to help us continue our services to the community.

For those on Welfare Benefits

People who can demonstrate that they are in receipt of welfare benefits are currently offered counselling at our lowest fee of £16 per appointment. If there are special circumstances that need to be considered, please contact the Clinical Director because we are actively fundraising by approaching grant-awarding bodies so that we can reintroduce counselling at a much-reduced rate for each appointment for those on welfare benefits, which is unique in the Borough. This will be limited to a maximum of 6 months of appointments. If you wish to have 6 sessions of free counselling on the NHS, and you are registered with a GP surgery in the London Borough of Bromley, please phone ‘Talk Together Bromley' on 0300 003 3000.

Missed Appointments

When someone accepts our offer of counselling, a room is reserved for their exclusive use every week until they decide to end their counselling. This means that neither the counsellor nor the room can be made available to anyone else. It is for that reason we ask you to cover the cost of any appointments that you decide not to attend because of other priorities.