As an organisational member of BACP, BCCS adheres to the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. BCCS has over 20 policy documents, all of which are regularly reviewed and are available to members of the public on request.


Confidentiality is one of the most fundamental ethical obligations owed by counsellors to their clients. At BCCS what you speak about with your counsellor in your counselling sessions is private, and is treated as confidential. You have the right to expect all BCCS staff to respect your right to privacy and confidentiality as far as possible and not to pass on information about you to individuals or organisations who have no right to that information. However obviously there are limitations to confidentiality arising from the constraints of legal and statutory requirements. Our full policy is available on request from the office.


All our counsellors receive supervision of their counselling work in accordance with BACP’s Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. This means that our counsellors will discuss their work with an experienced supervisor employed by us, but will not reveal your full identity. The supervisory relationship is a professional relationship and is bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the counselling relationship. Our full policy is available on request from the office.


At BCCS we believe that all our clients are entitled to good standards of practice and care from our practitioners. Good standards of practice require professional competence, good relationships with clients and colleagues, and commitment to and observance of professional ethics. Good quality of care requires competently delivered services that meet the client's needs by practitioners who are appropriately supported and accountable. Our full policy is available on request from the office.

Client Records

At your initial enquiry, you will be asked whether or not we can contact you or send you information about BCCS using your address, email, or mobile number. At your assessment appointment it will be explained to you that it is a professional requirement that written records and brief notes of contact with you are made; these are kept to a minimum and are maintained in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998. If you would like to see what information we keep about you, the request can be made through your counsellor or directly to the Head of Service. It is this organisation’s policy NOT to reveal information about you or your counselling to other professional agencies or third parties that you may be involved with. We keep our counselling records for 3 years, after which they are destroyed appropriately and securely. Our full policy is available on request from the office.


The opportunity to make a complaint is an essential right for all those who use the services provided by BCCS, so if you have a complaint about any aspect of the counselling service please contact the Clinical Director and request the full policy document from the office. Our complaints procedure is intended to be quick, effective and clear and we will try to resolve any dissatisfaction at the earliest opportunity.

BCCS staff are carefully selected, well-trained, and are properly supervised. All our counsellors are members of a nationally recognised professional counselling/psychotherapy register, such as those held by BACP, UKCP, BPS, or BABCP, and their professional conduct is bound by stringent ethical principles and the professional conduct procedures of those organisations.